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Private Coaching

A transformational coaching experience elevating female entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams.

I know what it's like to 

want more in your business

You crave to have a wildly successful business, but maybe you feel confused, lack clarity and maybe you feel a little burnt out.

I'm here for you.

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Get to Know Us

I was just like you what feels like not too long ago... It was 2018 was seeking clarity to grow my business. I watched Youtube videos, attended every webinar, had Tony Robbins on repeat, and would read books but still couldn't seem to achieve the goals I set out for my business.

I felt like I kept getting stuck. 

I didn't understand what was happening until one day it clicked. One day I understood it was me. I was in my own way self sabotaging my own success.

I feared success, I had deep subconscious beliefs of failing and losing it all and that's what was holding me back. So I got to work, hired a coach, and developed a holistic strategy to elevate my mindset and business!


This is when everything started to change, I finally began to hit my goals, make a six-figure income and change my life. It is this journey that has led me here today. To help you change your business & life the way I have changed mine. 

Are you ready to elevate yourself as a business owner to lead, inspire, and ensure you have the mindset foundations set for success? As a private client, I can help you identify any subconscious blocks holding you back while giving you the business strategies to consistently reach your goal and live a wildly successful fulfilled life!

What We Cover

Mindset Training

Mindset training involves overcoming negative thoughts and beliefs that limit success, and cultivating positive habits such as goal-setting and self-affirmations to reinforce a growth mindset. Mindset is at the core of our coaching.

Marketing & Branding

Building Marketing and branding strategy are essential to build a successful business. Marketing efforts build brand recognition and reputation, while branding creates a unique identity that attracts and retains loyal customers.


Through our private coaching session, clients can learn to lead with confidence, authenticity, and integrity, and to inspire others to achieve their goals.


As a private coach, I help individuals develop strategies for scaling their business, such as identifying new markets, developing new products or services, and optimizing business processes.

Goal Setting

Goal setting and accountability are critical components of working together, together we define your goals and develop strategies for achieving them, all while  provide support and guidance to ensure they stay on track.

Business Strategies

Business strategies involve a combination of tactics to gain a competitive edge and achieve long-term growth and profitability, such as market research, product development, branding, marketing, and sales.

Time Management

Creating a sustainable business is all about practicing good time management habits. It's my goal to help you increase your productivity and reduce stress. So you can have greater success both in your personal and professional life.


Sales is a critical component of private coaching as it involves teaching individuals how to effectively sell products or services and generate revenue. You will learn strategies for identifying potential customers, building relationships, and closing deals.

Personal Development

A critical component in coaching is Personal Development. I help individuals build self-confidence, improve their relationships, achieve greater fulfillment and purpose, and create positive change in their lives.

Your Investment

"My business has really grown since I started working with Hillary and I am truly thankful for her. I would 10/10 recommend her to any new or existing business owner"

- Celess Elizondo | Owner Style Me Boutique

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